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Tuesday, November 29, 1994

For Information on the Internet

By Brad Spurgeon International Herald Tribune
ALMOST as rapidly growing as service providers on the Internet are new magazines about the on-line service, such as Britain's ".net." And far from killing the book industry, the Internet is creating a whole new genre, about itself.

Good books for the beginner include the Electronic Frontier Foundation's guide to the Internet, which is available as a printed book titled, "Everybody's Guide to the Internet."

Another good guide is Greg R. Notess's "Internet Access Providers: An International Resource Directory," published by Meckler Corp., Westport, Connecticut, in 1994.

One of the best books for connecting to the Internet outside the United States is "Internet: Getting Started," edited by April Marine. First published by SRI International, Menlo Park, California, in 1992, the book was updated in 1994.

Several international organizations also provide information about the Internet:

The Electronic Frontier


1001 G Street NW, Suite 950E

Washington, D.C. 20001

Tel. 1 202 347 5400

Fax. 1 202 393 5509

InterNIC Information


General Atomics

P.O. Box 85608

San Diego, California 92186- 9784

Tel. 1 619 455 4600

Fax. 1 619 455 4640



Geneva 23


Tel. 41 22 767 6111

Fax. 41 22 767 6555

Brad Spurgeon

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